Sunday, February 19, 2012

Long Week

I've been trying to be a better blogger but sometimes depressing live gets in the way.  My FIL had his 80th birthday last week and we threw a party for him.  2 days later he fell on some steps in the garage and broke his hip.  He had surgery on Wednesday and it has taken a LONG time for him to come out of the anesthesia.   We have been spending a lot of time at the hospital this week so not much on the sewing front.  The good news is that he slept until 2:30 this afternoon (yes we were VERY worried) but when he woke up I was in the room with him and he is back to his old self.  Now he just has to go to rehab for several weeks before he can go home.  So I may not be around here a lot in the next few weeks either but I will try my best.

I can't wait for vacation!

A few photos for your viewing pleasure.

Valentine's Mini Doughnuts

Ducky Quilt - Paper Pieced with my new Kumiko Fujita Patchwork 318 book that I got for Valentine's Day.  Shipped from Japan via a friend in Amsterdam.

I finished my February blocks for the Simple Modern Quilt Bee 2 

Trying out the Lil Twister template and turned it into a pillow.  I think I  need to make a quilt with this template. 

Fun family dinner of quesadilla's using the kids new plates from Aunt Amy

Have a great week!


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