Thursday, May 31, 2012

40 to do before 40 update

1.  See the Mural by Jackson Pollock - on the agenda for my day off tomorrow
2. Go to brunch with my boys   Went to Mother's Day brunch at Johnny's Italian
3. Finish my granny square quilt (which means I need to start it) Half done, had to work on the charity quilt   for the Harvest Festival which is going to be a queen size

4. Have a picnic in the Sculpture Garden downtown
5. Have friends over for a BBQ
6. Plant my garden
7. Make Stawberry Rhubarb Jam
8. Go to the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting
9. Make homemade dim sum (or at least the sticky rice) -- yummy
10.  Order fabric online - who am I kidding this is done regularly anyways
11. Eat lunch at work with friends (not at my desk)
12.  Go on a date night with my hubby
13.  Eat good cheese   Going again tomorrow for yummy Mac & Cheese for lunch
14.  Get a pedicure
15.  Brew a batch of beer
16.  Go to a local brewery with friends
17.  Have a girls night out  (possibly combined with #14)
18.  Sew a house block from the Fat Quarterly issue

19.  Use my Flea Market Fancy
20.  Donate a baby quilt to charity It morphed into a queen size charity quilt but I am half done which definately qualifies as this goal being finished
21.  Read Huck Finn with my boys - book is purchased but was in the old time writing, purchased an updated kids version so it's actually readable by the kids
22.  Go to an Iowa Cubs game - have plans to go to 2 games next week
23.  Visit my baby sister in Minneapolis (just after my birthday but it'll be fun) - all packed and ready
24.  Join the YMCA
25.  Ride our bikes to lunch
26.  See my Mom (she's coming home from Arizona soon, yeah!!!)
27.  Take a 3 day weekend from work (please pray the weather stays nice and it's a possiblity)
28.  Drink champagne  - went a little crazy with this one last weekend
29.  Make pancakes and homemade bacon for breakfast for the boys
30.  Bake cookies with the boys
31.  Fondue
32.  Use chocolate mint in a recipe
33.  Volunteer for the Salvation Army
34.  Give Blood!!!
35.  Go to the mall (I'm not really a mall shopper so I have to be in the right mood)
36.  Sew a Wiksten tank  I made 2, I'll show the other one after the weekend
37.  Eat a Dutch Letter
38.  Go an entire day without the internet
39.  Eat all local foods for 1 day
40.  Go to La Mie for breakfast   bought it to go but that still counts

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Boys Weekend Continued...

Just a few pictures of the end of Boys Weekend for the family.  I didn't accomplish any sewing this weekend.  I did take along an embroidery project but it didn't even get taken out of the bag ; )  The boys had a great time riding the dirt bike in the pasture.  Joe had mowed part of it so it was like a race track.  Sean thought the terraced parts were fun to jump off (I'm in trouble if he figures out there's more than 1st gear).

Dare Devil S on the dirt bike
D on the dirt bike

We went to a friend's farm pond.  I thought I would be able to sit on the bench but the boys were having great luck catching fish.  We must have caught at least 5 Blue Gill.  I was busy baiting the hooks and unhooking and throwing back fish.
Blue Gill

Even more Blue Gill

I think we will try to go down again next weekend to see Grandpa and Grandma and spend some more boy time at the farm.  Hopefully I will accomplish some sewing next weekend also.  I am committed to completing a quilt for an action at the church in Le Roy for their annual fall festival.  One of the church members asked me if I would have it done in July so they can show it off when they are selling tickets.  That put a little more pressure to complete it.

Hope everyone has a great week!


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Boys Weekend

I have dubbed this weekend as the Boys Weekend.  We started Saturday morning by driving the boys to Swim Lessons at the YMCA.  They get finished with lessons at 12:00 and we were all hungry so we decided to go to Smitty's.  I heard they have the best tenderloin sandwiches in town (disclaimer - S thinks the best are in Valley Junction at The Longest Yard we had never been there because it's on the other side of town.   S and I enjoyed tenderloin sandwiches and the boys ate off the kids menu and were very happy.  They got a Butterfinger shake also because they did so well in their swim lessons.  

After we finished with lunch we went home and loaded up the 1967 Honda CL90 Scrambler and headed out to DeSoto.  My FIL bought this motorcycle brand new and S has inherited it.  We have decided to restore it and took it to Moto-Cycle Parts, Inc..  Craig was very nice and explained what needed to be done.  Hopefully by fall we will have the motorcycle back and we can buzz all around the neighborhood.  I need to get my motorcycle license but have been practicing on the boys dirt bike.  S said if I pass the test I can get a pink helmet and put a flower sticker on it.  I have a black Harley helmet right now but it wouldn't look right on this motorcycle.  Here it is before we dropped it off

Tomorrow the Boys weekend will continue with a trip to Grandpa and Grandma's.  A BBQ lunch, trip to a farm pond to go fishing and some dirt bike riding.  I wanted to take my embroidery along but S bought me a new fishing pole so it looks like I will be catching fish also.  Wish me luck not hooking myself!

Hope you are having a great weekend!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

I know I've been hiding out a little but work has been crazy and I haven't had a lot of time to sew lately.  I did manage to finish a bee block for the Bee a {modern} swapper

Ode to Triangles, block 1 of 2 for Fiber of All Sorts
 I finished the binding on this baby quilt and sent it to MN to my sister could take it to a baby shower.

The duck pattern is from Patchwork Patterns 318.  I enlarged it so that it's about 12 inches tall.  I used a variety of yellows with a Kona Coal and Kona orange.  It turned out to be a small baby quilt at 34 x 28 but I hope it comes in useful.  I backed it with Minky because I love using it on baby quilts.

I have also finished about 7 of the Granny Square blocks and can't wait to make more.  I hope to make 20 to make a good lap size quilt.

As I was driving to meet S for lunch yesterday I saw a sign saying Morel Mushrooms and a guy sitting with a cooler in his pickup.  Of course I had to stop.  We haven't had time to go mushroom hunting ourselves and haven't had any to eat in a few years.  Brought a pound home and stuffed several with a crab meat stuffing last night.  Yummy!  S is going to fry some up tonight either in flour or cracker crumbs for dinner.  Even the kids will eat these.

Until next time!