Sunday, May 20, 2012

Boys Weekend Continued...

Just a few pictures of the end of Boys Weekend for the family.  I didn't accomplish any sewing this weekend.  I did take along an embroidery project but it didn't even get taken out of the bag ; )  The boys had a great time riding the dirt bike in the pasture.  Joe had mowed part of it so it was like a race track.  Sean thought the terraced parts were fun to jump off (I'm in trouble if he figures out there's more than 1st gear).

Dare Devil S on the dirt bike
D on the dirt bike

We went to a friend's farm pond.  I thought I would be able to sit on the bench but the boys were having great luck catching fish.  We must have caught at least 5 Blue Gill.  I was busy baiting the hooks and unhooking and throwing back fish.
Blue Gill

Even more Blue Gill

I think we will try to go down again next weekend to see Grandpa and Grandma and spend some more boy time at the farm.  Hopefully I will accomplish some sewing next weekend also.  I am committed to completing a quilt for an action at the church in Le Roy for their annual fall festival.  One of the church members asked me if I would have it done in July so they can show it off when they are selling tickets.  That put a little more pressure to complete it.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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