Friday, April 6, 2012

4X5 Swap - Done

I finished all of my 4X5 Bee Blocks.  I made one for myself also but I put it away and can't find it right now to take a photo.  Oh well!  These will be mailed out tomorrow when I have time to go to the post office.  I think I'm going to take a little break from the 4x5 swap for the 2nd quarter so I can concentrate on some projects that need to be finished and I have proscrastinated on.  It has been a lot of fun though.

Circle of Geese

for Bijoux Baby

Diane {from blank pages...}



for Mama Missa

My next swap project is for the Pretty {little} Pouch Swap on Flickr.  I've mentioned this swap before and I am using the Keyka Lou Inset Zip Pouch pattern but I have been stumped about what to put into the center portion.  Now that I have my Circle of Geese blocks finished I pieced these blocks on point.  I haven't sewn it together yet because I just want to make sure my partner will like it so I want to think it over for a day.  I hope to finish this weekend to be able to mail it out.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter/Passover weekend

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  1. Your zip pouch is going to be so cute! I haven't used a Keyka Lou pattern, but I did purchase one of her samples, and it's adorable! I have yet to make any of these geese blocks, and your's are really making me want to.


  2. Those blocks always look intimidating! Nice job:)

  3. Melissa lucked out and got an awesome group! This is the 2nd block I have envied. Great job!

  4. I've never made these but each time I see them I wonder why-- Your blocks are great! I definitely need to put more of a priority on trying this!

  5. I LOVE love my block!! Thank you so much!! :) (I just received it today.) And I REALLY love the center piece in your pouch. You are so talented!! :) (just started following you!) :)